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Spectrum: The Lifeblood of Mobile Connectivity

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    Great mobile experiences require great connectivity enabling reliable, fast internet access while on-the-go. Spectrum is the lifeblood for mobile communications; more spectrum results in more capacity and faster data rates. Sounds simple, but to address the phenomenal growth in mobile data traffic, in a world with finite spectrum, will require the best use of all spectrum with new ways to make use of under-utilized spectrum and advanced techniques to aggregate all spectrum resources. This presentation provides an overview of spectrum and the different types of spectrum being utilized to provide broadband access to mobile devices. It showcases why licensed spectrum is the industry’s top priority for mobile broadband, as well as innovative methods to access more spectrum, aggregate all types of spectrum, and more efficiently utilize existing spectrum. For more information, see also www.qualcomm.com/spectrum

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    February 04, 2014

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    LTE, spectrum, HSPA+