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Performance and Implementation of SF-DC Aggregation

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    The proliferation of 3G services has fuelled continuous enhancements to the WCDMA-HSPA system, such as 64QAM, MIMO, DC-HSDPA and Multi-Carrier HSDPA. The introduction of Multi-Carrier HSDPA networks along with Multi-Carrier HSDPA capable UEs opens the possibility of MultiPoint HSDPA, where a UE in soft or softer handover can receive HS packets from multiple cells. The main motivations include improving the cell edge user experience and balancing the uneven loading across different cells. In December 2010, MultiPoint HSDPA became a study item for Release 11 of WCDMA/HSPA standardization [1].

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    HSPA+, HSPA+ Advanced, Multipoint Transmission