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HSPA+ for Enhanced Mobile Broadband Whitepaper

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    Nearly all WCDMA operators across both developed and developing
    countries have rapidly launched HSPA services to capitalize on its
    excellent mobile broadband capabilities and increased data capacity.
    The enhanced downlink (HSDPA) had been launched commercially by
    217 operators in 93 countries as of early 2009.The enhanced uplink
    (HSUPA) is also quickly being introduced with around 50 deployments as
    of early 2009. HSPA devices have proliferated and mobile operators
    have seen data services account for a rising and substantive proportion
    of their revenue. HSPA+ is the natural evolution of HSPA and operators
    are now preparing to commercially launch HSPA+ R7 in early 2009.
    HSPA+ R7 is the first evolutionary step beyond HSPA and HSPA+ R8 is
    targeted for commercialization during 2010 with multicarrier as a key
    feature. HSPA+ further enhances the mobile broadband experience and
    increases the voice and data capacity of HSPA.

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