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Extending the benefits of LTE Advanced to unlicensed spectrum

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    For operators to meet the anticipated 1000x increase in data traffic, deploying more small cells and utilizing all spectrum resources are key. Although licensed spectrum is the foundation, bandwidth-rich unlicensed spectrum around 5 GHz band can be used to effectively augment the capacity. The question is how to best opportunistically utilize it.

    Extending the benefits of LTE Advanced to unlicensed spectrum brings its basic tenets of high-efficiency and robust mobility, while also making it a seamless extension of the larger LTE Advanced network. That means higher performance for operators and better broadband experience for users, and a common unified network for all spectrum types. For more information, see also www.qualcomm.com/wireless

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    April 15, 2014

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    1000x, 4G, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, Carrier Aggregation, LTE Advanced, ISM