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Discussion: Three Topics that Continue to Be Misunderstood by the Wireless World

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    As those of you who were involved in the technology world during the mid ‘90s know – particularly those involved in the wireless industry – a surefire means for generating controversy and discussion then was to bring up the terms “CDMA” and “GSM” or ask, “What is 3G?” An entire industry was practically born from the conflict between CDMA and GSM and the precise definition of 3G could be argued for hours. But the world has moved on. In the wireless industry, it has become clear in the last few years that hype and imaginative stories do not build revenues. PowerPoint presentations pitting the theoretical peak rate of one technology versus another neither add new customers nor bring about new, innovative applications and services to the marketplace. Execution does. That is why “CDMA vs. GSM” and “What is 3G?” are no longer part of a meaningful technology discussion. However, for those who want to explore or demand further explanation, continue reading.

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