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CSoHS Voice Capacity in HSPA networks with realistic overhead channel modeling

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    In this paper, we analyze the capacity of Circuit Switched Voice over High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) (CSoHS), using a Release 7 HSPA system that supports Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC). On the Downlink (DL), we modeled the power consumption of the Fractional Dedicated Physical Channel (F-DPCH) and the Enhanced DCH Hybrid ARQ Indicator Channel (E-HICH). On the uplink (UL), we modeled the overhead channels, High Speed Dedicated Physical Control Channel (HS-DPCCH) and Enhanced DCH Dedicated Physical Control Channel (E-DPCCH). Our results show voice capacity gains that are achievable with CPC. We also show the gains in downlink voice capacity that are achievable by using the MAC-segmentation feature, introduced in Release 7.

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