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3GPP Femtocells: Architecture and Protocols

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    This document defines the functionalities for the support of Home NodeBs (HNB) and Home eNodeBs (HeNB) – jointly referred to as H(e)NB – including the functionalities to support Closed Subscriber Groups (CSG) as currently defined in 3GPP. It is intended as a one stop guide to provide an overview of the current status of the standards for operators and manufacturers interested in the deployment of H(e)NBs including references to where more details on each subject can be found.
    The contents of the document include the following:
    - Description of the existing procedures relating to H(e)NBs specified for Rel-9.
    - Discussion of some details relating to H(e)NBs which may be considered out of scope of the 3GPP standards but are needed to achieve a successful H(e)NB deployment.

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