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3G LTE Wifi Offload Framework

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    With an increasing number of mobile devices featuring Wi-Fi capabilities and Wi-Fi access becoming more widely available in homes, enterprises and retail locations, Wi-Fi offload is emerging as an attractive option for network operators. For operators to successfully leverage a Wi-Fi offload solution, we believe that three essential components must exist within the solution: A mechanism to provide operator’s policy for unplanned networks to the device in a dynamic fashion. Algorithms in the device to detect characteristics of unplanned Wi-Fi networks and determine the best possible use of available networks. A Mechanism to allow seamless handovers between 3G/LTE and Wi-Fi. Together, these three components make up the framework for Qualcomm’s Connectivity Engine (CnE). This paper discusses smart algorithms in the device needed for further improving data traffic management and network selection using Qualcomm’s CnE.

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