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1X Advanced - Four-Fold Increase in Voice Capacity

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    1X Advanced is the natural next step from CDMA20000 1X that quadruples the capacity of today’s 1X networks. CDMA2000 1X already provides excellent voice capacity and it can be easily improved by up to 50% through the use of commercially available devices supporting the EVRC-B (4GVTM-B) codec and QLIC Interference Cancellation. 1X Advanced provides 4x increase compared to today’s 1X voice capacity while delivering the same level of voice quality, with the majority of gains coming from Interference Cancellation (BTS Interference Cancellation and QLIC handset Interference Cancellation). The radio link enhancements and mobile receive diversity provide additional gains. The increased voice capacity of 1X Advanced can be used to meet the growing demand for voice services as well as to free up spectrum to offer EV-DO based data services

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