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1000x: More Spectrum—Especially for Small Cells

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    In our quest for solutions to the 1000x mobile data challenge, the next stop is to explore options for more spectrum, the lifeblood of mobile networks. No wonder network operators are always hungry for more and regulators are hard at work to identify, clear, and allocate new spectrum. This presentation discusses new bands for small cells and innovative methods needed to unlock more spectrum. It covers the three paths to more spectrum, 1) licensed and exclusive use of cleared spectrum, 2) unlicensed use, dedicated to Wi-Fi et. al., and 3) authorized shared access (ASA), which is needed when spectrum cannot be cleared 24/7 or nationwide, still for licensed exclusive, but used at certain locations and times. To make use of all spectrum assets, we also need spectrum aggregation and solutions such as supplemental downlink. For more information, see also www.qualcomm.com/1000x

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