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October 2011 (8)

Introducing FastCV: computer vision technology, tuned for mobile

We love the smarts that come with developers adding computer vision-enabled functionality into their cutting edge applications, but we needed the processing to happen faster. That camera on your mobile phone pulls in a lot of data, so we asked ourselves how we could retain the smarts while still processing the information efficiently so that users get great experiences without bogging down the device. That’s what led Qualcomm to launch FastCV, the first mobile-optimized computer vision (CV) library for ARM-based devices. Qualcomm is making it available to the industry so that CV applications can run efficiently on a wide array of mobile devices, even mass market handsets.

Oct 25, 2011 by Sayeed Choudhury

The Next App OS is the Web Browser

I recently spoke on a HTML5 panel earlier this month discussing how the smartphone app market may soon be rivaled in volume by apps that run in your HTML5 web browser, aka web apps.

Oct 19, 2011 by Liat Ben-Zur

Brew: The Role of the Feature Phone in Today’s Mobile Market

Seemingly every day, we see another article on Android scaling wider and eating up market share at a blistering pace. It’s undeniable – the platform has established an incredible wave of momentum and is showing no signs of slowing down. At Qualcomm, we’re proud to have collaborated on Android from the ground floor. Android is joined in the smartphone race by operating systems such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, and of course iOS – all of which are adapting as needed to reach an increasingly broad consumer audience.

Oct 18, 2011 by David Tokunaga

LTE TDD – The joy of coming from behind and winning

If you want to know the feeling of coming from behind to win the race, just ask these guys – Mobily and STC. While their bigger cohorts in India and China are still waiting, they launched the world’s first LTE TDD commercial networks in Saudi Arabia.

Oct 17, 2011 by Prakash Sangam

Enter the Pictures of Tomorrow contest and help make a difference in 2012

Working for Qualcomm, I’ve enjoyed some amazing opportunities to visit numerous foreign countries and experience many diverse cultures over the years. And as different as we all are, I cannot help but notice the similarities. You can see kindness in people’s eyes whether you’re in Beijing or Brazil. The sound of laughter makes people smile whether you’re in Paris or Peru. Good music is enjoyed by people from New York to Nigeria.
Oct 13, 2011 by Peggy Johnson

Qualcomm Wireless Fitness Challenge: Results and Lessons Learned

The QWFC was a big success for the Qualcomm Wireless Health team. As a group, the participants burned more than 4.3 million calories and lost ~127 pounds! Check out this video for additional information on individual winners, lessons learned from the challenge and what's next for the QWFC.
Oct 12, 2011 by Don Jones

Providing Access to the Children of Indian Migrant Workers

India is considered to be one of the key emerging markets in the world. While the rest of the world has concerns about an aging population, the Indian Census Bureau reports that 40 percent of the populace in India is below the age of 18, and by 2015, 55 percent will be under 20. In order to convert this opportunity into a strength, education of young Indians has become an imperative - beginning with pre-school age education.

Oct 4, 2011

CES 2012 Announcement: Dr. Paul Jacobs to Deliver Opening Keynote

Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs has been selected to deliver the opening keynote at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show on the morning of Tuesday, January 10, 2012. Dr. Jacob’s keynote will focus on mobile technology’s impact on global innovation in consumer electronics and computing. Watch Dr. Paul Jacobs share his thoughts on the significance of this keynote and give a sneak peek of what he will present onstage.
Oct 3, 2011 by Paul Jacobs

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