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White Papers

Qualcomm's Resource Center has been established to provide additional information on 3G wireless solutions. Below you will find white papers that examine some of the latest wireless technologies from a real world perspective. If you are a member of the media and interested in additional information about Qualcomm, please email us at corpcomm@qualcomm.com 

White Paper Size Date Published
Going Beyond an Application Store 1.3MB December 2009
What's Next for CDMA 1.9MB November 2009
Winning Strategies for Wireless Data 510KB August 2009
3G Applications and Services in Emerging Markets 284KB July 2009
Economic Benefits of 3G for Different Countries Worldwide 306KB July 2009
LTE - An Optimized OFDMA Solution for Wider Bandwidth Spectrum 673KB May 2009
1X Advanced — Four-Fold Increase in Voice Capacity 840KB May 2009
eCall — In-Vehicle Emergency Call Service 838KB March 2009
HSPA+ for Enhanced Mobile Broadband 680KB February 2009
3G Case Studies 995KB April 2008
3G Provides Mobile Broadband Today 2.1MB January 2008
3G Provides Mobile Broadband Today - Key Takeaways Summary 86 KB January 2008
3G in Emerging Markets 196KB December 2007
EV-DO Rev. A and B: Wireless Broadband for the Masses 999KB December 2007
Evolution of Wireless Applications and Services 432KB December 2007
Evolution Toward A Multimode Future 688KB December 2007
FMC Market View 589KB December 2007
Commonalities between CDMA2000 and WCDMA Technologies 1.2MB October 2006
Enabling Notebook Users with Wide-Area Broadband Access 1.9MB September 2005
Why MAX? 413KB September 2005
Exploring the Great Myths of Wireless 382KB December 2003
Three Topics that Continue to Be Misunderstood by the Wireless World 106KB December 2003
A Real-World Observation of Wi-Fi 66KB May 2003
Adventures in the Public Hotspot Wi-Fi World 322KB May 2003