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Wireless Living

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Wireless access is transforming the way we live, learn, work, bank, and even talk to our doctor. Qualcomm supports policy that includes wireless broadband access as a tool to improve endless aspects of living.


Education is critical to competitiveness and the nurturing of a highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of the global marketplace in the 21st century. Mobile technology in education can be transformative and, today, affordable devices with 3G broadband connectivity help ensure all students have the tools and inspiration needed to excel.

Educators agree. Seventy-four percent of leaders in the education community polled in 2010 by Project Tomorrow (a national educational non-profit organization) believe mobile devices have the potential to increase student engagement.

Qualcomm creates and works with partners to help products and services come to market that have the potential to refresh and invigorate students’ learning experiences–from wireless tablet textbooks to augmented reality applications. It is vital to support this new educational ecosystem and to foster more innovation.

The increased use of mobile technology, giving students 24/7 access to their learning materials and each other, should be a component of education policy. Qualcomm is determined to help educators and policy makers better understand the potential of wireless technology to improve the educational experience for students and teachers alike.

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Health Care

Qualcomm views health care as the sector of the U.S. economy most in need of innovation both to improve outcomes and to reduce costs – with a critical impact, given that it already comprises almost 20 percent of the U.S. GDP at a time when our population is aging. We support government policies that promote and protect innovations in driving the greater use of mobile technologies in diverse health care applications.

Sensors on and around us will speed the delivery of medical data and enable medical professionals to know more, regardless of location. In addition, the exploding tablet computer and mobile device industries will enable new health care diagnostic and information-sharing platforms.

Qualcomm is a key player in the emerging health care ecosystem that brings wireless, medicine and personal health together. Our Company is active in remote diagnostic monitoring and therapy management services, personalized supply chain management, wireless medical gateways and personal health performance.

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Qualcomm is constantly striving to be a positive force in the protection and enrichment of our local and global environment. We are enabling energy efficient technology solutions, practicing responsible product design and green information technology practices, building sustainable facilities with renewable energy sources, conserving resources including water, and recycling across our operations including responsible end of life electronics management. We are also promoting broader opportunities to leverage our technology solutions in helping society conserve resources and reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

The fundamental principle of Qualcomm's environmental policy is to minimize negative impacts to the environment while conserving natural resources.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce solutions provide consumers the ability to quickly and conveniently access financial information while on the move. Qualcomm supports anytime, anywhere access to retail and banking information over secure channels.

The ability to access accounts on mobile devices provides consumers with an efficient and convenient way to do anything from view account balances, to purchasing retail items, food, gift cards and more.