Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Policy Guide

Qualcomm technologies are driving the mobile revolution, forever changing the way we live, work and play, and impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe.

The following is an interactive guide to our positions on related issues.

To explore Qualcomm’s position on a given issue, view the summaries below, and then click "Read more" to see our full position, press releases, position papers, videos and more.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband can transform virtually every facet of modern life. Mobile broadband networks, devices, applications, and services are all helping to drive economic prosperity and opportunity around the world—in ways that no one ever imagined.


The benefits of mobile broadband depend upon the availability of adequate and appropriate spectrum. Qualcomm believes in freeing new spectrum in a responsible way to meet the demands of consumers and businesses.

Innovation and Intellectual Property

Innovation is a core driver of economic growth and competitiveness. Without a robust patent system and strong protection of intellectual property, innovation would not be possible

Highly Skilled Talent

Highly skilled talent, especially in the areas of math, engineering and the sciences, is vital to the success of Qualcomm and to the future of technological innovation around the world.

Business Climate

Qualcomm supports policies that drive innovation and enable us to compete in today’s global marketplace.


Qualcomm believes that cultivating consumer trust through a foundation of security and privacy practices helps drive broader adoption and more personalized wireless technology offerings.

Wireless for Economic Development

Through our Wireless Reach initiative, Qualcomm works with local and global partners to bring wireless technology to underserved communities around the world.

Wireless Living

Wireless access is transforming the way we live, learn, work, bank, and even talk to our doctor. Qualcomm supports policy that includes wireless broadband access as a tool to improve endless aspects of living.


Our journey toward sustainability began more than 25 years ago and has taken on even greater momentum in recent years with expanded initiatives, more formal governance and increased transparency.