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Americas Industry Analysts Summit 2012

November 29-30, 2012
San Diego, USA

In the final week of November 2012, Qualcomm welcomed more than seventy technology and industry analysts to the Americas Summit event in our home city of San Diego. The two-day conference brought together Qualcomm executives, industry thought leaders and subject matter experts to discuss the latest market dynamics, trending technology and emerging client opportunities. The IAR team at Qualcomm has assembled the content below as a means of recapping this exciting summit.

In his first public appearance with Qualcomm, Anand Chandrasekher, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, took the stage to highlight how Qualcomm’s industry leadership and innovation are reshaping the wireless ecosystem. After a brief introduction, he went on to speak extensively about three themes: computing redefined, the digital sixth sense, and unprecedented data demand. Video and slides from Chandrasekher’s presentation are below.

Immediately thereafter, Rajesh Pankaj, SVP Engineering, took the audience on a journey through Qualcomm’s wireless advantage, discussing how system approach, technological superiority, and unparalleled integration make up the Qualcomm difference.

Subsequent presentations throughout the day proceeded as follows:

Edgar Auslander, VP of Product Management for Qualcomm Technologies Inc; spoke about Snapdragon’s role at the heart of mobile devices. Auslander specifically addressed CPU, GPU, DSP / Multimedia, Modems, Connectivity, Sensors, and Displays as key expanding areas for smartphone innovation.

Sean O’Leary, Senior Director of Product Management, briefed analysts about Qualcomm’s Reference Design (QRD) Program with a presentation entitled Smartphones for the Masses. O’Leary stated that QRD brings to market a pre-engineered solution that combines strong support, flexibility, and scale. Emerging markets strategy was thoroughly explained in this presentation.

Tim Peters, Senior Director of Product Management for Qualcomm Atheros; spoke about how only Qualcomm integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM and Location into 3G/LTE. This leadership will continue to give Qualcomm great advantage in addressing mobile data traffic growth.

John Marcolini, also a Senior Director of Product Management for Qualcomm Atheros, wrapped up the day with a discussion about Qualcomm’s connected home vision and solutions. Assets addressed in this presentation included 802.11ac Wi-Fi, AMP HomePlug Powerline, and Hy-Fi Hybrid Networking.

Overall, the 2012 Americas Summit provided exciting discussion about a variety of topics important to Qualcomm leadership and industry experts alike. Should you need any additional resources from this event, please make a request through our Contact Us page.