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Qualcomm® RF360 Front End Solution

FEB 22, 2013

The Qualcomm RF front-end chipsets and innovative 3D-RF packaging help OEMs get LTE devices with global roaming to market faster and with lower development cost.

With the Qualcomm RF360 Front End Solution, OEMs can create a single multimode design for worldwide LTE mobility. The Qualcomm RF360 Solution supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies in the same handset, uses fewer components and is smaller in size – making it easier and faster for OEMs to develop new multiband, multimode LTE devices.

Key Messages

  • The problem: 4G LTE band fragmentation. Multiple versions of the same LTE device are required to accommodate the worldwide proliferation of cellular bands – 40 already and counting.
  • The advantage: integration at the system level. OEMs can design a single device that incorporates the latest features, is backward compatible with earlier technologies, prolongs battery life, improves performance and allows for smaller, sleeker designs at a lower development cost – capable of supporting all modes and all bands, worldwide.
  • The new Qualcomm RF solution features highly integrated hardware and software plus support for key features.
  • Optimized at the system level, every component of the solution is verified and tested together on Qualcomm platforms to achieve best- in-class performance and reduce development time. Offerings include:
    • Dynamic Antenna Matching Tuner (QFE15xx),
    • Envelope Power Tracker (QFE11xx),
    • Integrated Power Amplifier and Antenna Switch (QFE23xx), and
    • RF POP™ (QFE27xx)

Knowledge Area

Qualcomm RF360 Front End Solution Enables Single, Global LTE Design for Next-Generation Mobile Devices

MAR 6, 2012

Speaker: Jim Tran, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

In this webinar, our speaker Jim Tran will discuss the Qualcomm RF360 Front End Solution, a comprehensive, system-level solution that addresses cellular radio frequency band fragmentation and enables for the first time a single, global 4G LTE design for mobile devices.

The Qualcomm RF360 solution is designed to work seamlessly, reduce power consumption and improve radio performance while reducing the RF front end footprint inside of a smartphone by up to 50 percent compared to the current generation of devices. Additionally, the solution reduces design complexity and development costs, allowing OEM customers to develop new multiband, multimode LTE products faster and more efficiently. By combining the new RF front end chipsets with Qualcomm Snapdragon all-in-one mobile processors and Gobi™ LTE modems, Qualcomm Technologies can supply OEMs with a comprehensive, optimized, system-level LTE solution that is truly global.