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The Connected Home: Across Networks, Across Devices

While many homes in developed and emerging markets already benefit from broadband access, they have yet to deliver the personal and intuitive experiences that many consumers have come to expect from advanced technologies. To solve this problem, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (“Qualcomm”) is building products and solutions to enable open, end-to-end connected home platforms, across devices and across networks, effectively bringing the Internet of Everything in the Connected Home. Qualcomm technologies are already present in many connected home devices: in mobile and computing devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ chipsets, consumer electronics, home appliances and automation systems, and home networking equipment - with cutting-edge technologies such as Qualcomm® Internet Processor, Qualcomm® Gobi™, Qualcomm® Hy-Fi™ (hybrid wired and wireless networking), Qualcomm® StreamBoost™ and Qualcomm® AllPlay™, as well as Wi-Fi® and HomePlug® Powerline. Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is part of the AllSeen Alliance to which it contributed the AllJoyn™ technology. These technologies bring the necessary interoperability across public, home and proximal clouds.

Qualcomm Snapdragon, Qualcomm Internet Processor, and Qualcomm Gobi are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Qualcomm AllPlay is a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. 2net is a product of Qualcomm Life, Inc. Qualcomm StreamBoost and Qualcomm Hy-Fi are products of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.

Expanding the Home into the Public Cloud with Smart Gateways

  • Qualcomm envisions an always-on device, acting as a smart gateway, that uses consumer broadband Internet access to bridge the home cloud and the public cloud.
    • The smart gateway is a multi-tasker – able to handle the growing array of connected devices, systems, apps and things.
    • Providing a delivery channel for a new class of connected applications such as 24/7 media, home automation, home security or family management, functions that benefit from an application platform in the home that offers robust communication and computing capabilities.
    • Securely exposing data and content from the home network to remote users and service providers, and protect the confidentiality of these communications.
    • Enabling better management of simultaneous content and applications on multiple devices in the home with StreamBoost, a technology that allows the smart gateway to optimize the allocation of bandwidth on the home network. by applying rules and policies based on user preferences and actual bandwidth requirements.
  • These advanced functions require additional processing power on the network. To power the smart gateway, Qualcomm developed the Qualcomm Internet Processor (IPQ). A dual-core Krait™ processor manages apps and media content, leaving the traditional network functions to the dual-core packet processing engine. Bringing mobile DNA to the connected home not only offers superior performance for computing and communication, but also enables state-of-the-art power efficiency and security. Most importantly it offers the foundation for service providers and industry partners to build a true SmartHome platform.
  • In addition, for mission critical energy, security and health services that need to be insulated from the Consumer Broadband Internet access, service providers can leverage 3G/LTE networks with Gobi chipsets.

Creating the Home Cloud on a Seamless Home Network

  • Qualcomm is in a unique position to enable the home cloud because it provides cutting-edge technologies connecting the entire home: from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to the home network infrastructure, from multimedia devices such as smart TVs and gaming consoles to home sensors and appliances.
  • Multiple best-in-class connectivity technologies coexist on the home network: 802.11ac Wi-Fi to deliver high bandwidth content wirelessly, ultralow-power Wi-Fi for devices like appliances and sensors, Homeplug Powerline to reach every room through existing electric wires. Qualcomm’s subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. offers Hy-Fi, a technology that brings together Wi-Fi, Homeplug Powerline and Ethernet in a seamless network to deliver the convenience of wireless with the reach of powerline.

Enabling End-device Interoperability with the Proximal Cloud

  • Ad-hoc proximal clouds enable devices in proximity to react to each other’s presence and share resources and information using a free and open software framework called AllJoyn.
    • AllJoyn includes a set of service frameworks that, by design, are very simple and address the desire for users to interact with their nearby things. The initial set of services are:
      • Device Information & Configuration – allows the device to broadcast information such as device type, manufacturer and serial numbers; also allows the user to assign a name and password to the device.
      • Onboarding – allows simple devices, such as digital alarm clocks and home appliances, to easily connect via an intermediary to the user’s network, such as a smartphone or tablet.
      • Notifications – so products, such as Smart TVs, ovens and washing machines, can broadcast and receive basic communications easily (via text).
      • Control Panel– enables a device like a smartphone or tablet to control another product, such as a coffee machine, a thermostat or a digital alarm clock, via a graphical interface.
      • Audio – so any device with audio can wirelessly stream it to any set of AllJoyn—compatible speakers, audio receivers and other audio playback devices.
    • Industry partners can use AllJoyn to create delightful vertical experiences. For example, Qualcomm’s AllPlay media streaming platform builds on top of AllJoyn to deliver a whole home audio experience - where music from any source can be streamed to any compatible audio system.

Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Gobi and 2net are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Krait is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated. All Qualcomm Incorporated trademarks are used with permission. Hy-Fi is a trademark of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. registered in the United States and other counties. StreamBoost is a trademark of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. All Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. trademarks are used with permission. AllPlay is a trademark of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. Used with permission. AllJoyn is a trademark of Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. AllJoyn is used here with permission to identify unmodified materials originating in the AllJoyn project.

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Webinar: Connecting the Home across Networks and across Devices

SEP 25, 2013

Please join us for an update on Qualcomm’s role in the Connected Home with cutting-edge technologies such as Gobi™, Wi-Fi®, Hy-Fi™ (hybrid wired and wireless networking), Streamboost™, AllJoyn™ and HomePlug® Powerline. These technologies bring the necessary interoperability across networks and across devices, enabling our connected home ecosystem partners to create delightful user experiences.


Our homes, our cars, and the things around us are getting smarter every day. AllJoyn™ is the open source project that lets the compatible smart things around us recognize each other and share resources and information across brands, networks, and operating systems. AllJoyn gives manufacturers and developers the tools they need to invent new ways for smart things to work together.

AllSeen Alliance

The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that enable the Internet of Everything, built upon an open, universal development framework and supported by a vibrant ecosystem and thriving technical community.

Qualcomm Smart Gateway Platform

Qualcomm Incorporated today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., is driving a new class of smart gateway products with its recently announced Qualcomm Internet Processor (IPQ), enabling a robust Smarthome platform that supports connected devices, systems, applications and things for a richer consumer experience in the home.

Qualcomm Atheros

Qualcomm Atheros is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm and a leading provider of wireless and wired technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets. Our broad connectivity portfolio allows us to offer our global customer base high-performance, end-to-end solutions, featuring Wi-Fi®, GPS, Bluetooth®, FM, Ethernet, HomePlug™ Powerline and PON technologies. By leveraging substantial expertise in RF, signal processing, software and networking we can deliver highly-integrated, low-power, system-level solutions that enable developers to create high-performance, differentiated products.