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What is AllJoyn?

  • AllJoyn is an open, secure, software framework that enables interoperability among connected products and applications to create dynamic proximal networks.
  • It includes new core set of system services to allow disparate types of products and applications to interact in a standardized way.
  • Application developers and manufacturers (across the full range of products for the home, automotive and enterprise) can offer interoperable products and services that will engage and delight users in new, exciting and useful ways – and many app developers around the world have already integrated the AllJoyn Software Development Kit (SDK) into their apps.
  • Unlike cross-device/cross-app connections dependent on the vertical integration of products from a single brand, AllJoyn enables products from any brand to connect in ad-hoc proximal networks that serve the personal needs of the user – creating a personal cloud of “things near me.”

Horizontal interoperability is key to healthy business ecosystem

  • Horizontal market interoperability – across OS and device platforms and across brands – is an essential requirement for bridging ecosystems that are currently in individual markets or product-category silos.
  • AllJoyn’s open and agnostic design means developers and manufacturers can bridge among product categories and participate in a larger, shared set of interconnected ecosystems that will enable faster consumer adoption of advanced products – and the discovery of new use cases and creation of new business models.

Future proof

  • AllJoyn is architected for simplicity; it provides core building blocks that developers and manufacturers need to address discoverability, connectivity, security and management of dynamic, ad-hoc networks among nearby devices.
  • The AllJoyn framework also includes a core set of system services that, by design, are very simple and address near-universal requirements for users to interact with their nearby things.
  • Recently announced core services that will be upstreamed into the AllJoyn open source project by May 2013 include:
    • Device Information & Configuration – allows the device to broadcast information such as device type, manufacturer and serial numbers; also allows the user to assign a name and password to the device
    • Onboarding – allows headless and other simple devices to be easily connected via an intermediary to the user’s network
    • Notifications – so products can broadcast and receive basic communications easily (text, image/video, audio)
    • Control – enables a device like a smartphone or tablet to easily control another product via a graphical interface
    • Audio Streaming – so any device with audio can stream it to any set of speakers, audio receivers and other audio playback devices
  • Many Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. platforms and products will include integrated support for these services as well.

Knowledge Area

Podcast: AllJoyn

APR 14, 2013 | 10:26

Join Rob Chandhok, President, Qualcomm Internet Services, for a discussion about how AllJoyn is uniquely positioned to unlock the internet of everything.