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Qualcomm Life’s 2net Solution

January 9, 2012

Qualcomm Life is defining and connecting the wireless health network to improve lives and advance the capabilities of medical devices. Qualcomm Life is focused on device connectivity and data management and empowers health services companies and medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health quickly and easily to those who need it.

It is with this focus in mind that Qualcomm Life has introduced the 2net™ Platform. The 2net Platform is a cloud-based system designed to be universally-interoperable with different medical devices and applications, enabling end-to-end wireless connectivity while allowing medical device users and their physicians or caregivers to easily access biometric data. With two-way connection capabilities and a broad spectrum of connection options, the 2net Platform is changing the way the medical industry does business.

  • The platform contains four different gateways that enable data to get from a medical device back to the data center. They include the 2net Hub (which is a standalone FDA-listed external device,) medical devices with an embedded cellular component, medical data sent from mobile phones, and customer and collaborator service platforms using APIs.
  • After the data is acquired by one of the above gateways, it is transferred via 3G technology utilizing redundant, private connections between the wireless carriers and the 2net Platform’s data center. After the 2net Platform has received the transmission, medical device data is transferred to the manufacturers’ interface of choice for the patient, physicians, payors, or other partners to access.
  • The 2net Platform has been designed to meet and exceed HIPAA security requirements, leveraging network operations, data centers and cloud-based services that allow integrated medical devices to reliably share data with approved health care providers, payors and patients.

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