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The technologies are small. The opportunities are big.

At Qualcomm, the sky's the limit. College graduates play important roles everywhere in the company. Many of our 25,000+ employees join us right out of school because we’re working at the cutting edge in wireless–just about the most exciting technology space right now–and this is just the beginning. Qualcomm opportunities are available around the world. The widest range of intern and college graduate openings are located at our development centers and campuses. World map showing Qualcomm's many locations Qualcomm has over 150 locations around the world and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Other major offices include Raleigh, Silicon Valley, Boulder, Austin, London, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Beijing and Hsinchu.

Each year we hire hundreds of engineering graduates and interns for rewarding positions throughout the company. As a leader in wireless technology innovations, Qualcomm offers lots of one-of-a-kind opportunities in the following areas:

Hardware Engineering

The world's wireless devices are shrinking at incredible rates, and you'll be tasked to design the next warp-speed processor, minute circuit or ultra-low-power radio to maintain Qualcomm’s position as the world's leading wireless company.

Software Engineering

Complex wireless devices are only as powerful as the software that runs them. You'll develop, implement and maintain multimedia, gaming and application software for the world's leading-edge mobile devices.

Systems Engineering

Imagine the industry’s most complex system and network within the space of a processor chip. As a systems engineer, you'll improve the performance of these systems and networks for voice, packet data, video telephony and video streaming services.

Test Engineering

Use your creativity and troubleshooting abilities to develop tests and isolate problems for wireless telecommunications systems, and develop a specialty in one of several areas of wireless communications.


At Qualcomm, we're leading in many exciting areas of technology and innovation. Working with us means you’ll be able to put the power of your imagination to work right away.

Mobile Computing
New technologies and solutions are being developed to blur the edge between online and off⎯it’s wireless communication made easy. Some technologies include Snapdragon™ processors by Qualcomm, delivering all the best technologies on a single chip; Gobi™ modems, and mirasol™ display technology. Explore

Vuforia™ Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is superimposing graphics or digital content on top of a live view of the real world. From gaming and play to interactive media/marketing to instructional how-to/aid, augmented reality opens the door to new and exciting interactive mobile applications and services. Explore

HSPA+ Advanced & LTE Advanced
By continually expanding the limits of wireless technologies, Qualcomm has not only enhanced the wireless standards of today but is enabling future generations, such as HSPA+ Advanced and LTE Advanced, which promise to be incredibly fast and spectral efficient. Explore

Visit Qualcomm Technologies to explore more.

Keep learning—on us.

In our industry, flexibility and quickness are essential. So if you like the idea of managing your own career path, Qualcomm offers all the resources you need. When you join Qualcomm you’ll be assigned a mentor—a “go-to” person to help you understand how the company is organized and to ensure that you get what you need to succeed and advance.

We believe in continuing education, big time, from advanced degree programs and joint research programs to seminars led by industry experts. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Qualcomm-approved online advanced engineering degree programs at all locations.
  • Live classroom sessions, web-based programs and computer-based training in technical and professional areas such as leadership development, supervisory skills, time management and advanced wireless technology.
  • Online development tools to help you customize your professional development and align your learning with company goals and objectives.
  • A tuition reimbursement program for undergraduate and graduate classes at approved U.S. and international schools.
  • An award-winning learning center that provides leading-edge learning and development solutions for local, regional and international offices.
  • A comprehensive library filled with educational and technical resources.

Prepare and succeed.

When you’re selected for an on-site interview, a member of the recruiting team will guide you through the process from trip arrangements and online application docs to pre-interview prep.

Expect at least two technical interviews either on your campus, our campus or over the phone. Spontaneity and improvisation are great, but the better you’re prepared, the more confident you’ll be—and that’s a real advantage.

Here are a few tips to help you gain an edge through the interview process:

  • Research successful interviewing techniques. Preview common questions. Think through your responses, then practice (yes, out loud) to enhance your communications skills.
  • Do your homework: study our website to learn about Qualcomm and our industry. Showing your interest in our world is always impressive.
  • Have a few personal stories in mind that demonstrate your problem-solving skills. And be prepared to talk about your course work, your role on projects and your work experience.

And some general pointers you probably already know, but just in case:

  • Be punctual. It’s a fundamental sign of respect.
  • Ask questions. Interviews are a dialogue. We enjoy being asked questions that show genuine interest in our company.
  • Be buttoned up. Pack extra resumes, pens and notepad.
  • Be buttoned up, part two. Yes, we have a casual workplace, but dressing appropriately always makes a better first impression.
  • And finally, send (or email) a thank-you note. All else being equal, expressing sincere appreciation to the recruiter for taking time to meet with you could tip the scales in your favor.

Good luck!

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