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Health Care

In health care, 3G mobile broadband technologies provide access to information, help lower costs, facilitate remote care, increase efficiencies and better connect people to their doctors. Ultimately, mobile has a great role to play in the management of chronic disease, elderly care and training of health care workers. Furthermore, 3G allows communities unparalleled opportunities to track health data, anywhere and at any time, thereby providing public health policy makers timely information about the needs of their communities. These benefits make 3G-enabled mobile health care an essential tool in extending relevant resources to underserved communities. With this in mind, Wireless Reach aims to support the development of the mobile health ecosystem by leveraging the power of Qualcomm’s 3G technology.

Egypt - Teledermatology

Wireless Reach Egypt

Wireless Reach collaborated with one of Egypt's leading wireless service providers, Mobinil, ClickDiagnostics Inc., the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to create a teledermatology program to better facilitate early diagnosis of skin disorders for low-income patients.

Philippines - Wireless Access for Health

Wireless Reach Philippines

The Wireless Access for Health project is a public/private collaboration that focuses on streamlining the reporting process at clinics and hospitals in the Philippines and improving access to accurate and timely patient information for clinicians and decision makers. The Wireless Reach program utilizes 3G wireless technology and builds upon the existing Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS), an electronic medical records system developed by the University of the Philippines, Manila.

South Africa - Mobile Health Information System

Wireless Reach AR

As a result of the Wireless Reach project, in collaboration with FHI 360, Eastern Cape Department of Health, MTN, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, and South Africa Partners, nurses and doctors in the East London Health Complex are using 3G wireless technology to receive the latest health information and provide better care to their patients.

United States - Care Beyond Walls and Wires

Wireless Reach - United States, Care Beyond Walls and WiresCare Beyond Walls and Wires is an initiative that extends the care of patients beyond the walls of the hospital or physician’s office. In collaboration with Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Wireless Reach™ initiative, Zephyr Technology, Verizon Wireless, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Care Beyond Walls and Wires uses advanced 3G wireless technology and health-monitoring devices to enhance the care of patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) or other related conditions. It is anticipated that many of the project participants will live in underserved and rural communities or on nearby Native American Reservations. The far-reaching wireless capabilities of this program are especially important to these populations, which live in outlying areas where landline phones may not be available. Some have limited access to electricity and running water and finding transportation to see a physician on a regular basis can be challenging.