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Stakeholder Engagement

Remembering to listen

To be effective, our social responsibility efforts must be collaborative and consider all relevant perspectives. That’s why we consistently seek the input and opinions of those who have a stake in our Company and its actions.

How we engage our stakeholders

Much of what you’re reading in this report is the result of an ongoing conversation with a diverse range of people who shape and influence our social responsibility policies and initiatives: employees and investors, customers and suppliers, government officials and representatives of nonprofit organizations, and more. We think carefully about what information to share in this report. We make sure it is important to our business and also addresses the issues our stakeholders care about.

Fostering regular, transparent communication not only helps our reporting, but it also makes us a smarter, better informed and more competitive company. Some of the ways we stay in touch are:


  • Our open-door policy enables employees to bring concerns to superiors—up to and including our chief executive officer—anytime.
  • We conduct regular employee surveys to better understand what our employees think and want.
  • We hold semiannual all-hands meetings and webcast them companywide. Each meeting includes employee question-and-answer sessions.
  • Our executives communicate regularly about the importance of doing business with integrity.
  • Through video messages and interviews throughout the year, our senior executives help employees understand our company strategy, industry position and financial performance.
  • We hold regular executive breakfasts open to all employees.
  • Employee Resource Groups serve as forums for dialogue and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • We hold on-site fairs, tradeshows and presentations throughout the year that enable employees to learn about our Company programs and our products, services and technologies—and how they make an impact on the world.
  • QC Daily News, our daily internal newsletter and website, reports the latest from across our Company.
  • We maintain a corporate intranet, updating it regularly with fresh and useful information.
  • We distribute The Qualcomm Way: Our Code of Business Conduct online and in print and require all employees to acknowledge that they’ve read it and will report any known or suspected violations or concerns.
  • Our Business Conduct Hotline is a dedicated 24-hour phone line and web reporting resource that can be used to communicate any questions or concerns with the Company. It is administered by an independent company to help ensure that issues and concerns can be reported anonymously where permitted by law.
  • Internal communications vehicles enable our leadership to communicate to employees around the world.
  • Q-Alerts deliver and confirm delivery of emergency information via mobile phone, home phone, text and e-mail.
  • Our emergency hotline provides information and instructions in the event of an emergency.
  • International SOS provides emergency and non-emergency medical information for employees on business travel.
  • We encourage innovation through our Qualcomm Innovation Network and annual Venture Fest competition.
  • We publish the Annual Report About People, an internal publication showcasing the culture and achievements of employees at our locations worldwide.
  • We offer opportunities for employees to participate in discussions with public officials.


  • We hold quarterly earnings conference calls and issue quarterly communications to report on our Company’s progress.
  • We report on each year’s financial results, articulate our vision of the future and respond to investor questions and concerns at our annual stockholders’ meeting.
  • We hold an annual meeting with analysts to update them on our progress, share insights about our Company’s future and answer their questions.
  • We regularly file information with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as required by law.
  • We participate in investor conferences and tradeshows and meet regularly with investors at “roadshows” and in our corporate offices.
  • Our investor relations team engages with investors on a less formal basis throughout the year.

Suppliers and customers

  • We connect with customers and suppliers regularly through business meetings, industry conferences and symposiums and networking events.
  • We participate in industry tradeshows and conferences.
  • We maintain our own online registry for small and diverse businesses and encourage such businesses to register with the System for Award Management site as well.
  • We’re proactively involved with local supplier support agencies and development councils.
  • We’ve undertaken strategic initiatives to expand our active supplier pool of small and diverse businesses.
  • We advocate in support of small and diverse businesses.


  • We advocate for public policy in our Company’s interest.
  • We host subject-specific informational sessions and conferences for government officials.
  • We participate in working groups and agency taskforce initiatives.
  • As part of our Wireless Reach initiative, we work with government stakeholders to assist them in using wireless technology to implement public programs, helping governments reach their ICT goals.

Communities and nonprofit organizations

  • We engage nonprofits through our philanthropy, employee volunteerism and other global social responsibility programs.
  • We take part in philanthropic collaboratives with other grantmaking entities. We’re part of many public-private alliances, and we regularly engage the nonprofit sector in open dialogue.
  • We’re engaged in programs and projects with educational institutions worldwide.
  • Our employees serve on boards and committees of nonprofit organizations.
How We’re Doing: Stakeholder Feedback

As part of its review of our 2010 Social Responsibility Report, ISOS Group LLC, our third-party assurance provider, conducted a survey gauging stakeholder perceptions of our social responsibility reporting and programs. Here’s some of what we learned:

  • Most respondents rated our reporting as “excellent” or “very good.” They also gave us high marks for our ability to receive stakeholder feedback.
  • Respondents told us the strongest sections of the report were the Ethics and Integrity and Wireless Reach sections. Our Education and Training, Ethical Employment and Workplace Safety sections were also highly rated.