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Leading with tomorrow in mind

Sustainability at Qualcomm begins with our senior management. Their commitment, and their collaboration with our QSR Leadership Committee, ensure that sustainability is built into our business. Below, CEO Paul Jacobs and QSR Leadership Committee Chair Daniel Sullivan share their perspectives on our progress in 2012.

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs
Dr. Paul E. Jacobs

A Message from Our Chairman and CEO

Innovation requires the ability to look into the future and imagine how it might be better. At Qualcomm, that is the essence of what we do and what we have always done, from our earliest days to our latest ideas and solutions. We are truly a company built on imagining what’s possible.

Thinking sustainably is also part of our innovative spirit. That’s why we have never treated sustainability as an afterthought or as something to be handled apart from our core work. Instead, we’ve strived to integrate it throughout Qualcomm—in our products, in our operations and, most importantly, in our people.

Looking back over the past year, there are many examples of our continued progress toward sustainability. In particular, every day we create sustainability with our technologies and products—through the better world they help make possible and through our careful approach to designing and producing them. Our solutions enable next-generation mobile technologies that are enhancing quality of life worldwide. They’re helping make transportation more efficient, make energy systems more reliable, increase the quality of health care, enhance education and better connect people everywhere. Our Wireless Reach™ program is also working to close the digital divide in underserved communities in more than 30 countries. As we contribute to these advances, we produce our products as efficiently and as mindfully as we can. We constantly look for ways to conserve resources and reduce waste. We also work closely with suppliers to extend environmental and social sustainability throughout our supply chain.

As we enable technology that improves quality of life, we are also strengthening communities through our philanthropy. Since 2000, Qualcomm Incorporated and the Qualcomm Foundation have donated more than $200 million to help create educated, healthy, sustainable and culturally vibrant communities worldwide. Our employees have given thousands of hours to lend a hand in their own communities.

I’m proud of Qualcomm’s progress toward sustainability—and I’m excited about where we’re going. Ensuring both our long-term success and responsible citizenship as we continue to expand and grow isn’t easy…but it is essential. At Qualcomm, it’s just the kind of challenge we embrace. It requires us to imagine the possibilities, envision and, of course, innovate.

I invite you to read more about our progress in this report and in the message below from Qualcomm Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Dan Sullivan, who also chairs our QSR Leadership Committee. On behalf of everyone at Qualcomm, thank you for joining us on our journey toward sustainability.

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Sullivan
Dr. Daniel L. Sullivan

A Message from the Chair of Our QSR Leadership Committee

At Qualcomm, we’re helping to change the world: through innovations that touch billions of people worldwide and through our efforts to be an outstanding global corporate citizen. Our journey toward sustainability began more than 25 years ago and has taken on even greater momentum in recent years with expanded initiatives, more formal governance and increased transparency—all of which have grown in parallel to the rapid growth of our Company.

In 2012, we maintained our momentum. As the chair of Qualcomm’s QSR Leadership Committee, which develops and guides our companywide sustainability initiatives, I’m pleased to share some examples of our progress.

New goals, new progress. In 2012, we formalized our QSR goals, which clearly articulate our objectives for each of our sustainability priorities. These goals further define the priorities and commitments we established in 2011. We made steady progress toward meeting our goals in 2012, including these highlights:

  • Qualcomm Incorporated and the Qualcomm Foundation gave a combined $42 million in grants to support and strengthen communities around the globe in 2012, bringing our total combined giving to more than $200 million since 2000.
  • Through our annual QCares Experience, more than 1,600 employees donated more than 6,500 hours of volunteer time at 52 nonprofits in 23 Qualcomm locations worldwide.
  • We maintained an injury rate 32 percent below the industry average.
  • We decreased our 2012 per-capita landfill disposal rate for our three major California facilities by 99 percent over 2011. We also recycled 100 percent of hazardous waste from those facilities, along with 100 percent of our IT-managed e-waste at our San Diego headquarters.
  • We continued to implement state-of-the-art energy-efficiency efforts in our facilities and information technology divisions. We also certified our fifth facility under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and implemented our second energy-efficient POD data center, which we expect will save approximately 1 million kilowatt hours and $130,000 annually.

Extending sustainability to our key suppliers. For many years, we’ve worked closely with our suppliers to ensure their policies and values align with ours. In 2012, we gave those efforts a major boost by joining the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) as an applicant member. Joining the EICC puts Qualcomm in the good company of our peers, gives us a voice in important industry-related conversations and enables us to bring the resources and influence of our entire industry in efforts to achieve greater transparency and sustainability throughout our whole supply chain. We are in the process of working with our key suppliers to help them conform to the EICC Code of Conduct, which sets specific requirements related to human and workplace rights, ethics, the environment and more.

Assessing materiality. Our Company is growing fast, and the world is changing quickly. In 2012, we began to look closely at our sustainability priorities so that we can be sure we are focusing on the issues that are most relevant to our business and to our diverse stakeholders. We expect to report the results of our assessment in 2013.

We have always believed that sustainability is good business. Striving to be a good corporate citizen and ensuring the long-term success of Qualcomm are, in the end, the same goal. The net result, whether through our technology or our sustainability efforts, is that we’re helping to change the world for the better.

Dr. Daniel L. Sullivan

Dr. Daniel L. Sullivan
Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Chair, QSR Leadership Committee