Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Environmental Policy

A Note From Our Co-Founder

Qualcomm is committed to being a positive and creative force in the protection and enhancement of the local and global environment. This is evident through the minimization of hazardous materials and our continuous efforts to reduce our consumption of natural resources throughout the company. The fundamental principal of Qualcomm's environmental policy is to minimize any negative impact to the environment while conserving natural resources. Using education and administrative controls, we continuously assess our processes and practices to identify areas for reduction in energy, waste and emissions.

Qualcomm will take all reasonable measures to meet the following targets:

  • Minimization of generated waste through reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Efficient use of energy through management controls and routine practices
  • Efficient use and conservation of water through management control and routine practices
  • Minimize, and where possible, eliminate noise and odor pollution
  • Minimize, substitute, and where possible, eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in processes and operations

It is consistent with Qualcomm's environmental policy to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Qualcomm is committed to meeting or exceeding environmental law, standards and regulations.

Dr. Irwin M. Jacobs

FTSE4Good Compliant

FTSE Group is delighted to confirm that Qualcomm has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria, and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series. Created by the independent financial index company FTSE Group, FTSE4Good is a financial index series that is designed to identify and facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards. Companies in the FTSE4Good Index Series are doing more to manage their social, ethical and environmental impacts, and are better positioned to capitalize on the benefits of responsible business practice.