Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT)


Driving the Smart Connected Experience

A world leader in smart mobile technologies, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT), a business unit of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., offers complete solutions that enable continuous innovation for today’s smart connected devices. Our vast expertise in wireless technology, combined with our unique systems approach to developing solutions, puts QCT at the forefront of the rapidly expanding mobile industry.

Comprehensive solutions

QCT offers comprehensive chipset solutions for all types of smart connected devices. And with 25 years of innovating mobile breakthroughs and making our customers successful, QCT has the global resources and relationships needed to execute at scale in today’s complex mobile environment.

An industry-leading portfolio

QCT offers solutions for CDMA, UMTS, GSM and LTE technologies, providing support for both 3G and 4G networks and devices. Complementing our offerings, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. (QCA), a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., offers a broad portfolio of additional wired and wireless technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics product segments.

Our combined portfolio now features an expanded array of high-performance, end-to-end solutions ranging from Wi-Fi®, GPS, Bluetooth®, FM and Ethernet — to HomePlug™ Powerline and passive optical network (PON) technologies.

Built for mobile

All of our solutions and products are elegantly engineered for optimal performance and power consumption. And our system-on-chip solutions like Snapdragon™ bring together CPU, GPU, connectivity, multimedia and GPS technologies in a way that is redefining mobile possibilities for people everywhere.

Because of its unsurpassed performance and capabilities, Snapdragon is enhancing the mobile experience and fueling an ever-expanding array of new connected device categories, ranging from smartphones to tablets to e-readers and beyond.*

Our Unique Systems Approach

QCT’s holistic approach to building smart mobile systems results in more useful and exciting mobile experiences for consumers.

A complete System-on-Chip solution

The Snapdragon solution is designed as a complete system from the start. We take the best hardware subsystems, purpose-built from scratch and integrate them to work together brilliantly.

Our solutions support just about every high-level operating system (more than any other chipset provider), and we provide custom tools and optimizations that help to ensure the tightest possible integration between the hardware and system software. All of this is delivered on a single chip solution that improves performance and saves space, power and cost.

Snapdragon powers smart mobile devices

QCT’s Snapdragon solution is a highly reliable, secure and adaptive smart mobile platform and the most comprehensive processor solution in the mobile industry today.

The Snapdragon solution is at the heart of today’s most responsive smartphones, tablets and other smart connected devices, delivering a rich multimedia and graphics experience and vast connectivity options — all with low power consumption.


A leading provider of wired and wireless technologies for mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronic markets.

QDevNet for Developers

Find development devices, tools and resources to refine, optimize and expand your development efforts.

OS Plaftorm Support

From our own Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP), to Windows® Phone 7, Android, webOS, BlackBerry® and Chrome, QCT is committed to providing our customers with choices. Enabling the broadest range of application platforms on our chipsets allows for flexibility so consumers can customize and personalize their unique experiences.

Advanced Mobile Technologies

With expertise honed from 25 years of wireless industry leadership, QCT continues to break new ground in mobile, innovating across multiple technologies and continually expanding our offerings.

CPU Technology

QCT aims to revolutionize mobile processor technology by building our own enhanced CPU micro-architecture from the ground up. Our system-on-chip solutions deliver unsurpassed performance for devices ranging from feature phones to smartphones to smart tablets. The pinnacle of our integrated “smart systems” approach is the Snapdragon™ chipset platform.Our continually expanding Snapdragon portfolio includes both single-core and dual-core CPUs, which we believe delivers the highest performance and power efficiency in the industry. Our roadmap includes a quad-core CPU that takes advantage of asynchronous computing, facilitating sophisticated multitasking by allotting the workload on separate cores.

GPU Technology

Intelligently integrated into our Snapdragon chipsets is QCT’s own purpose-built GPU. Our market-leading Adreno GPU enables the most advanced multimedia experiences available today, including console-quality 3D graphics, and supports more mobile devices than any other provider, from smartphones to tablets.

QCT’s Adreno Graphics solution addresses the whole graphics and gaming ecosystem, offering developers the tools, support, devices and showcase opportunities they need to maximize their success in the rapidly growing mobile gaming market.

Modem Technology

QCT is the world leader in modem technology and we continue to innovate and deliver the highest quality 3G and 4G connectivity, and enable a broad variety of device tiers and provide the best user experiences for consumers.

Our entry-level solutions range from baseband chipsets to single-chip solutions with integrated PMIC and RF.

Our advanced solution options include single-mode and multi-mode embedded modules as well as fully integrated system-on-chip solutions that include advanced CPU, GPU, GPS and multimedia features for today’s most popular smartphones and tablets.
In addition to our 3G and 4G modem products, QCT supports complementary connectivity solutions including Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, FM and more.

GPS Technology

Qualcomm has been a primary driver of the rapid adoption of GPS worldwide and is a leader in the deployment of hybrid GPS technology. Used in more than 700 million handsets with hundreds of mobile operators, Qualcomm’s gpsOne® technology is the most widely deployed GNSS-based (GPS + Glonass) technology in the world.

We continue to evolve our GPS technology to deliver state-of-the-art services to a broad range of customer segments, ranging from first responders and government users to the rapidly growing number of consumers all around the world who are embracing GPS-enabled applications for personal navigation, social networking, geo-tagging and more.

Connectivity Technologies

Qualcomm’s acquisition of Atheros enhances our extensive portfolio of connectivity solutions, providing our customers with an expanded array of wireless and wired technology choices for mobile, networking computing and consumer electronics markets. In addition to our industry-leading WAN airlink technologies, we offer enhanced Wi-Fi®, GPS, and Bluetooth® solutions plus FM, Ethernet, HomePlug™ Powerline and passive optical network (PON) technologies.

Combining our expertise in RF, signal processing, software and networking with the broad connectivity portfolio of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. QCT delivers highly-integrated, low-power, system-level solutions that enable developers to create high-performance, differentiated products.

Software and Services

QCT’s holistic approach to developing today’s most integrated and optimized mobile technology solutions brings hardware and software together in elegant ways, enabling our customers to deliver exceptional mobile devices and experiences that are always connected, and last all day.

To achieve this, QCT works hand-in-hand with the Qualcomm Internet Services (QIS) business unit, continuously innovating to produce and design hardware and software that works together to deliver unparalled mobile experiences.

This collaborative effort results in our system-on-chip solutions that include advanced device drivers, turnkey software stacks and a host of custom tools and optimizations. We support virtually every major high-level operating system with optimizations that result in tighter integration between the hardware and software of the operating system, and also for the applications that run on the device.

On top of this, we also develop technology enablers aimed at bringing the mobile experience to new levels, including advanced WebTech solutions, peer-to-peer frameworks, vision-based augmented reality, context awareness applications and more.

Leading & Comprehensive Product Portfolio

QCT offers the most comprehensive portfolio of wireless chipsets in the industry.

An unmatched selection of products gives our customers a complete set of features and options to address a wide range of geographical markets and consumer segments. Our broad selection of best-in-class chipsets is helping drive the latest innovations in wireless products from smartphones, tablets, feature phones and data cards, to notebooks, routers and M2M applications.

Integrated Chipsets for Smartphones and Tablets

QCT’s Snapdragon™ family of mobile processors is redefining mobility for consumers around the world by offering an optimal combination of mobile processing performance, powerful multimedia, wireless connectivity and power efficiency that is enabling a new generation of advanced smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.

Multimode Connectivity for Laptops

QCT’s Gobi™ solution delivers 4G/3G connectivity for computing devices and data devices including USB dongles, routers, ereaders, hotspots and M2M applications. The Gobi platform provides users global* connectivity and access to the Internet between EV-DO and HSPA networks, eliminating the need to search for Wi-Fi hotspots.

*Dependant on carrier operator and 3G network availability.

Chipsets for Feature Phones

QCT offers chipset solutions for feature phones, enabling our customers to create cost-effective mobile handsets with advanced capabilities that leverage 3G technology yet minimize development time. Offered on a variety of discrete platforms for tailored functionality, each chipset is integrated with an CPU core and a select set of features from QCT's multimedia suite of applications to enrich the user experience while maintaining cost-target objectives.